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Model 461-S

The family of 461-S low-pressure regulators are balanced-valve, spring-type regulators for distribution and industrial applications. Because of their simple design, sturdy construction and fast response, they are exceptionally dependable. Contoured body passages reduce turbulence in gas flow. Operation is sensitive and stable, and servicing and adjusting are easy. 

This model is ideal whenever a single-seat regulator is too small and 2″ balanced-valve regulators are too large. The large exit areas of the 461-S give them a broad range of capacity. This makes them suitable for a wide variety of load handling requirements. 

Large capacity 

When large loads are required, this model has larger bodies and valves for the job. Large, flexible diaphragms combined with precisely calibrated springs enable these large-capacity regulators to deliver precise pressure control while maintaining a high level of sensitivity and stability. The combination of their fast response, dependability and accuracy also makes the 461-S models ideal for monitoring, as well as other applications that need speed and accuracy. 


When used as monitors, these low-pressure regulators assume control quickly if a failure in the operating regulator allows the outlet pressure to rise above its set point. With a fast rate of response, a regulator is crucial in the event of an emergency. No modifications are required for use as a monitor, even if used as a monitor for other types of regulators. 

Although used primarily with natural gas, all Sensus intermediate capacity regulators perform equally well when used for propane, butane, LPG vapor, air, dry CO2, nitrogen and other inert gases. These regulators are designed for indoor and outdoor installations. 



Monitors set point pressure 


Responds quickly to excessive pressures



Simple design


Dependable regulation


Fast response


Trouble-free operation


Can be used for zero governor service