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About Us

Who We Are

Utility Solutions Group is a global business that produces high-quality products made right here in the USA. Our organization serves a wide range of businesses, and our solutions provide the dependable and safe service the industries we serve rely on in order to protect their customers, employees, and equipment.

USG Mission

At Utility Solutions Group, we are dedicated to creating solutions that improve the safety and reliability of utility infrastructure.

What We Believe in

The team at Utility Solutions Group feels it’s incredibly important that we can rely on one another. For that reason, as a baseline requirement people only work here if they D.A.R.E. to be great. And by D.A.R.E. we mean each team member must be Dependable, Accountable, Responsible, and Ethical. Anything short of this isn’t acceptable, and people who can’t live this way won’t last on our team. On the other hand, people who do live this way will love working with us since they’ll be surrounded by folks they can rely on day-in and day-out.

We also believe in being gritty, or GRIT-D. Coupled with passion and talent, grittiness is a powerful force that can push the most average organizations to achieve extraordinary things. For that reason, we’ve crafted our company values around it. The GRIT-D acronym is used as a framework to guide our operations, and we believe it’s what will ensure USG is able to continue creating solutions that improve the safety and reliability of utility infrastructure through the next century.


Gather and accept objective evidence.

Gut instincts are important but making decisions based on data rather than emotions is even more important. It forces us to understand and grapple with the real forces of our business environment rather than making decisions based on assumptions.


Reduce waste and inefficiencies.

Da Vinci said simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Taking his lead, we strive to make our business practices as simple and straightforward as possible. It reduces economic waste and helps people work together more seamlessly.


Invest in resources that make the company resilient.

We want to be a partner for our customers through the foreseeable future. This requires us to invest in people and resources that allow us to weather changes in the industry.


Tailor solutions to fix utility problems.

USG doesn’t want to be just another vendor our customers have to manage. We want to be a partner in their success. By focusing on the problems that cause the most pain, we can ensure we provide practical solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


Dedicate yourself to your craft.

This is the core of being gritty. Set high expectations for yourself and exceed them as often as you’re able. Being an expert at your craft means you take pride in your work and go out of your way to constantly improve yourself and your situation.